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Life Insurance medical Assessments

Life insurance medical services

Health Predictions is an industry leader, accepted by all insurance companies. We offer home or workplace visits for pathology, paramedical and medical examinations for life insurance purposes in all urban and most rural areas.

Health Predictions’ life insurance medical services include a full range of pathology, medical and paramedical services including:

  • specialist medical
  • general practitioner medical
  • paramedical
  • quick check assessments
  • electrocardiograms
  • stress tests
  • echocardiograms
  • blood pressure monitoring
  • lung function tests
  • Holter monitoring

Medical services are coordinated with pathology services on a ‘one-stop’ basis where possible.

Life insurance assessment service locations

Health Predictions offers home or workplace pathology and paramedical visits in all capital cities and some rural centres. Home or workplace general practitioner visits are available in most capital cities and specialist home or workplace visits can be arranged under special circumstances.

Teleunderwriting (telephone-based life insurance underwriting) is available, throughout Australia and New Zealand. Learn more about teleunderwriting.

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Reflex testing

If required, reflex testing can be provided if one, or more, pathology tests are abnormal.

Additional life insurance medical services

  • Advisor on-line client follow up is routinely available, allowing direct access to the specific advisor database. If required, Health Predictions will further tailor the IT service according to advisor requirements.
  • Medical discussion and oral review of specific cases is available at any time.

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